Access Consciousness Bars Class

“Would you like to be happy? What if we could laugh at ourselves a lot more? What if you didn’t have to try to be perfect anymore? What if you’re perfect exactly as you are? What if you’re even greater than perfect? What if you’re something called You? And what if You, with all of those things you’ve been calling your imperfections and calling your wrongnesses… are actually the greatness the World has been looking for?  And what if every single thing your thought was wrong about you… isn’t?

What if you’re the one creating your life?”
Dain Heer
And if you want to find out more about Access Consciousness come to my next Access Bars Class or an Access Energetic Facelift Class or any other Access Body Process Class, like Correcting Vision or MTVSS.  Check out upcoming classes here.

Or tell me where you would like me to hold a class.  I will be happy to come to your location.

Came in join us and become a Bars Practitioner in just one day!

Bring a friend along and you can swap Bars sessions with each other as often as you’d like.

Only £270 (or £135 if repeating the class).
16 & 17 years old can attend at half price and kids under 16 can attend for free when accompanied by a paying adult.