Beyond Energy Healing

Reconnective Healing® is a spectrum of healing that has taken the global community by storm baffling both the medical and scientific communities, challenging the very laws of physics! Yes, these are indeed exciting times! Our planet is shifting, and as a result we are now able to access something more. Not only do we have Energy, but a spectrum of healing that works with a continuum of Energy, Light and Information.

We know that the body heals through frequency, resonance and vibration and that this is communicated through light. We also know through the work of Dr Fritz Popp, a well known German scientist, that the DNA in each of our cells emits a specific level of light, hence why this is so exciting!  When our health is down, our light is down, so too when our light comes back up, we are able to come back into balance.

Healing in its full sense isn’t about the removal of this physical symptom or that emotional blockage, it’s more than that, healing is about balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The Reconnective Healing® spectrum enables you to vibrate at your natural level of light. Perhaps what is even more amazing about these powerful frequencies is that it takes us to a higher level of being, a higher level of consciousness. People often report a change in their thought processes and perception, and say that there’s been a shift and that they are now operating on another level. Gregg Braden, the author of the Divine Matrix and Fractual Time, speaks about the coming to an end of this world age and the beginning of the next. We are moving into an age of Christ Consciousness where it’s not all about the I, but the WE. Are these frequencies here now in order to help us through the transition of this great cycle? I believe so.

Reconnective Healing® seems to have its own genre, its own field. It’s different in many ways: in the way it affects the DNA, changes tissues, heart and brain waves. Unlike other modalities the practitioner doesn’t need to know what’s wrong or why a person is coming for a session.  They don’t tune in, or get a sense of what’s going on, in fact the less they know the better, neither do they direct the healing in anyway. There is a Higher Intelligence at work here that knows exactly what is appropriate for the person coming for a Reconnective Healing® session at this point in their life’s journey. The practitioner’s job is simply to get out of the way and just be present with these powerful frequencies, and to allow the person on the table to receive the fullness of what is accessible to them.

For many this truly is a life-changing experience!



This article was written by my friend and colleague Catherine Wallace and was also published in Kindred Spirit Magazine in January 2011.

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