Reconnective Healer?

I prefer to say Reconnective Healing® Facilitator.  No one person can really heal another.  Only you can heal yourself. A facilitator or practitioner can create and hold the space for you to heal your own body and mind, expediting the process. But you are doing it all yourself.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to accept the healing.

While the practitioner’s job is to act as a conduit or a catalyst, the client’s job is to accept their role as receivers of whatever the healing energies bring and to remain open to possibilities.

Someone once said: “A healer is anyone who was sick and got better.  A great healer is someone who got better fast!”

Our bodies already have their own innate intelligence to do the necessary healing. Healing is a return to balance. The ideal state is to have balance in every area of life, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Dr Eric Pearl – the founder of Reconnective Healing® – says: “It’s time to own who we are, to know that we are the Light, and to allow the wisdom that created the body to run the body.”

That’s why Reconnective Healing® is not just another ”technique”. It goes beyond technique to allow your own healing to just happen.


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