How Does “Distance Healing” Work?

Even scientists nowadays agree that time and space are an illusion. So it is perfectly possible to connect with anyone, anywhere and at any time. At the level of energy there is a part of us that is connected to everything else in the Universe.

There is no difference in the results between having a healing session in person or distance.
Distance healing might be more convenient depending on timings, location or mobility.
The important thing is that it all works just as well.

When someone asks for a healing session by distance, we first agree a day and time for it. This is not necessary for a healing to take place. The synchronization is good to give time to the client to relax and lie down somewhere undisturbed when they can notice what sensations they might have during the session.

I ask them to be very relaxed but to stay awake and enjoy whatever happens. They should be in a state of expectancy, rather than expectation of a certain outcome. The less attached one is to a certain result, the better. Whatever one gets, it is for their highest good. So “relax, and let go” is the best state to be in. And if they do fall asleep, it does not matter, the outcome will not be affected but their lack of awareness during the session.

Every person’s experience is different: some have all sorts of sensations, physical, emotional and more, while others notice very little. It all works just as it is needed.

Before a session we have a brief chat by phone or Skype to ensure all is fine and they are ready, or maybe to answer any last minute questions. At the end of the session, when they are fully awakened, (sometimes the following day, if they fell asleep!) we talk again. I ask what they noticed and what was their experience of it. Talking about it helps them recognize what has happened and what impact it can have.

I have been asked how can one direct the energy to the right person, especially when we don’t even know who they are, and have never met? These healing frequencies are not sent or directed. In this intelligent Universe, the healing energies just know how to go to the right person at the right time. And their healing will be exactly what is needed by them at that moment.