Your Body as your Buddy?

What if your body was your best friend?  What if your body was always meant to work in harmony with you and give you more awareness, beyond the five senses?

What would it be like to have a rewarding relationship with your body?

Could we talk to our bodies and listen to what they say to us, to develop a healthier and happier life?

So, truth , who likes their body just as it is? Not many of us, sadly. We are always judging and criticising our bodies. How often do we treat our body worse than a pet or a car?  Would anyone ever knowingly put diesel in a petrol car or vice-versa? No, we wouldn’t dream of it!  It runs much better on what it actually requires.  Yet, do we ever ask what our body requires before putting something in its mouth?  Or would we force-feed a pet with all our favourite foods (or starve them) regardless of what they need or desire?


Dr. Bruce Lipton in this book “Biology of Belief” scientifically proves that cells have intelligence.  Don’t our bodies keep us alive by breathing, beating our hearts, sending blood round all the organs, without any conscious effort on our part? Every cell of our body knows what to do and just gets on with its job without constant instructions, or we would not survive  Aren’t bodies amazing?

Every body is intelligent and has its own awareness. It is designed as a biofeedback system, beyond the 5 senses, the body gives us feedback as another sense. Have you ever said something “I feel it in my guts. Or, I have a sensation in my solar plexus”?  That’s an example of your body communicating with you.

Bodies communicate with energy not words, we do not usually get voices in our heads…!

So what would it take to start talking and listening to our own body. What if our Body could become our best Buddy and develop a life long friendship?

Bodies are made up of about 70% water.  Check out Dr. Masaro Emoto’s book “Memory of Water” where he graphically shows the effect that words have on living cells.

The way we treat our bodies and what we say to them actually affects the cells behaviour.  So, how nice are we being to them most of the time? How different would our bodies be if we talked to them and asked them to work in harmony with us, instead of fighting them or trying to control them?

Why not try, just occasionally, to ask your body what it would like to eat, what it would to wear, how it would like to move? And listen out. But don’t do it all the time, or your life might change too much…


What are the Access Consciousness Bars?

The Bars are a foundation tool of Access Consciousness which was developed by Gary Douglas, and further developed with Dr Dain Heer, about 20 years ago.

It is based on the principle that there are 32 points and bars of energy that run through and around your head. They store the energetic components of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything in your whole life. There are Bars for healing, body, aging, sex, awareness, creativity, power, money and control – and more!

Each and every thought, attitude, idea, belief or decision, either positive or negative, that you ever have, gets stored energetically.  This can cause your ability to be generative and creative in any specific area to be restricted or blocked – it can stop you from having something different show up in your life with ease.

“All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory” is the mantra of Access Consciousness.
Isn’t this what we should all be?


By gently touching certain points on the head, an electrical discharge takes place releasing the past judgments and conclusions about life, limiting patterns of thoughts, feeling, emotions and beliefs you decided were true in this or, depending on what you believe, any other past lifetime. It’s like deleting old unwanted files from your computer’s hard drive, creating more space for new useful uploads. It stops those automatic programmes come up and disrupt what you’re trying to achieve.

Access Bars does not claim to be yet another healing modality however, things can happen after even just one session of releasing unhelpful stuff.

This is also an incredibly nurturing and very relaxing process.  All you are required to do is make yourself comfortable and receive. How easy is that?  Actually, receiving is something we are not very good at. As if receiving was frowned upon and not allowed on this Earth. What would it take to change this? Remember that we have to be willing to receive in order to have a different possibilities show up in life. Let’s start changing now!

Book a session today, and try it out for yourself.
Contact me:  07906 160169

Or learn it for yourself, it is very easy and a Bars Class only takes one day!  Learn with a friend or partner and you can exchange sessions whenever you like.  Just imagine how many unwanted files you can delete form your computer (life!) by exchanging sessions regularly!

I regularly teach small classes in Surrey and London.  Or I can hold a class at your place, if that is more convenient for you.  Call me to discuss all the infinite possibilities…

Did you know that by attending just one class you can become a Bars Practitioner and have clients pay you to run their Bars?
How does it get any better than that?


How Good Are You at Receiving?

Most of us have been brought up with the concept of “give and take” and taught that “giving is better than receiving”.   Did we ever figure out that this does not stack up?

For every giver there must be a receiver, so both are required for a balanced exchange. Or have all the nice people only been giving to those few people who were prepared to take, and the takers were not very nice people anyway?

And have you ever been given something, and then feel there is obligation to give something back?  Have you noticed how different it feels when something is given to you, or when you are giving something, from that space of obligation instead of from a space of joy and just for the pleasure of it?

Not surprising then, that so many people find it hard to just receive, like it is not something acceptable in our current society.

Have you ever been told when you were little, things like: “Give that toy back!” or “Give Auntie a kiss!”, “It’s rude to take…”, “He/she is a taker…” , and many more variation on these themes.  Since discovering Access Consciousness I have chosen to say “gift and receive” instead of “give and take”.  That feels so much lighter to me, removing all connotations of the unpleasantness of taking. And yet that still leaves some confusion over receiving.

Not surprising then, that so many people find it hard to just receive, like it is not something acceptable in our current society.

Since discovering Access Consciousness I have learnt to say “gift and receive” instead of “give and take”.  That feels so much lighter to me, removing all connotations of the unpleasantness of taking. And yet that still leaves some confusion over receiving.

Last week during a class, I suggested that all they had to do during a Bars session was simply to receive, not think, pray, meditate or whatever, just plain receiving.  One of the participants closed her eyes and opened up her palms heavenward with a look of studied concentration on her face.  That was her idea of receiving. Hmmm…

What would it take instead to receive anything effortlessly, like we receive the air we breathe, like we receive the warmth of the sun on our skin, the smell of a flower? Do we agonise over whether we deserve the air we breathe? No, we just receive it, naturally.

The Universe is always gifting to us, when we are willing to receive.  Look at animals: they are always ready to receive, with no judgements, no complications.

What would it be like if all of us were to receive from anything in the Universe in that same effortless way?

Would you now be willing to effortlessly receive whatever abundance, ease and joy is constantly being gifted to you?

Just allow yourself the gift of receiving, and remember the attitude of gratitude!


Reconnect To Your Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is? You may have heard it said that “Your joy is the key to your destiny”.  And I do agree that when we do not follow our purpose, when we are living a false or meaningless life, we can even create disease and discomfort in our body.

Our greatest pain comes from our disconnection with our true purpose.

I found from my own experience and from my clients’ experiences that The Reconnection® can help us along towards finding our life purpose.  In fact it propels us towards it at incredible speed. Many people report that their lives change quite dramatically after receiving their personal Reconnection®, especially within the first six to twelve months, when they are likely to experience a period of accelerated personal growth and develop a clearer connection to their own life purpose. There has been a shift and they are now operating at a higher level of consciousness.

Once connected to the universal grid, to the Field, there is the possibility of an exchange of energy, light and information.  In his book The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Dr. Eric Pearl says that he has “come to believe that it is truly about the restructuring of the DNA….we move into a realm of co-existence with an energy and presence beyond what we have known before”.

As each of us shift, we change the world.

After my own personal Reconnection® I recognised what I really wanted to do, and lots of opportunities then started being lined up for me which were not there before. Synchronicities have become a regular occurrence in my daily life. It is as if the Universe approves and smoothes down my path.

Now I am more aligned with who I really am and I am passionate about acting as a catalyst for other people to also get into touch with who they really are and finding their own unique place. It is so much more than healing: it is about upgrading people’s lives and permanently reconnecting them to their state of ease and purpose.   It is about facilitating the expansion and rate of evolution of all of us on this planet right now.

If you are unclear of what your purpose is The Reconnection® can instigate the start of a profound change in your understanding of who you are and what your place in this world is.  It is about connecting you specifically to your life’s purpose.

It is the process of specifically reconnecting your energy field – to that of the Universe in a way that empowers you to pursue your life path, opening up new possibilities, even new abilities, and presenting circumstances for you to fulfil what it is you are here on Earth to do in this lifetime.

It can be a profound experience if you are looking for, and indeed, willing to accept your life calling and undergo your own evolutionary transition.

So if you wish to move forward in your life with a stronger connection to yourself, your destiny and to the Universe, then The Reconnection® is for you.


How Does “Distance Healing” Work?

Even scientists nowadays agree that time and space are an illusion. So it is perfectly possible to connect with anyone, anywhere and at any time. At the level of energy there is a part of us that is connected to everything else in the Universe.

There is no difference in the results between having a healing session in person or distance.
Distance healing might be more convenient depending on timings, location or mobility.
The important thing is that it all works just as well.

When someone asks for a healing session by distance, we first agree a day and time for it. This is not necessary for a healing to take place. The synchronization is good to give time to the client to relax and lie down somewhere undisturbed when they can notice what sensations they might have during the session.

I ask them to be very relaxed but to stay awake and enjoy whatever happens. They should be in a state of expectancy, rather than expectation of a certain outcome. The less attached one is to a certain result, the better. Whatever one gets, it is for their highest good. So “relax, and let go” is the best state to be in. And if they do fall asleep, it does not matter, the outcome will not be affected but their lack of awareness during the session.

Every person’s experience is different: some have all sorts of sensations, physical, emotional and more, while others notice very little. It all works just as it is needed.

Before a session we have a brief chat by phone or Skype to ensure all is fine and they are ready, or maybe to answer any last minute questions. At the end of the session, when they are fully awakened, (sometimes the following day, if they fell asleep!) we talk again. I ask what they noticed and what was their experience of it. Talking about it helps them recognize what has happened and what impact it can have.

I have been asked how can one direct the energy to the right person, especially when we don’t even know who they are, and have never met? These healing frequencies are not sent or directed. In this intelligent Universe, the healing energies just know how to go to the right person at the right time. And their healing will be exactly what is needed by them at that moment.

Spring Clean Your Life – How your stuff can affect your health

Spring is approaching, there is freshness in the air and the promise of new life is blossoming in every flower bud. It is at this time that most of us start thinking about spring cleaning and getting the cobwebs out of our house.  But what about the cobwebs in our life?  How much dust and clutter have we accumulated since the last spring clean?

Everything we own, everything we have around our house has a link to our own self – almost like a thin chain holding us down.  And if we have too many chains we feel we cannot move freely: we feel stuck.  Stuff has an effect on our wellbeing, both physical and emotional.  It actually affects our health!

There is a very simple thing we can do immediately to help us move along: clear our clutter at home. What do I mean by clutter?  Clutter is anything we do not use or love, anything unfinished or messy, or even just too many things in a small space.

So this Spring don’t just clean the place, give it a good clear out.  Start with your wardrobe and give to a charity shop all the clothes you haven’t worn for at least a year and the shoes that don’t really suit you.  Remove any items that are just taking up space in your new life.  You see, you need to create some space before new things can come to you.  Let go of the old and allow the new to come to you. Nature abhors a vacuum, so it will soon be replaced. Make sure you choose what you want that replacement to be. Keep in mind you are always in charge.

So after the wardrobe why not clear out your old books and correspondence or maybe tackle your kitchen drawers.  And remember to return all stuff that you borrowed.

The garage and the loft are usually big jobs – keep them last and start with the smallest room, or even with just one corner.  If you tackle too much too soon, you might be tempted to give up and end up doing nothing at all.  Start gently, one room at time. You will feel lighter and more energetic with each bit you clear out, ready for that promise of new life blossoming out there.

Go on, clear your clutter now and make room for your new life.


If you need guidance in getting clarity in what you want to achieve in your life I offer inexpensive coaching packages as well as healing sessions. Contact me for more details.



What Happens during a Healing session?

Artwork by Alexandra Shkrumelyak
That’s a question I am often asked . So here is an overview of what happens when you arrive for a session.
First we talk about what the healing frequencies are, and they can do.
You are invited to ask any questions to ensure you are at ease. I feel it is important to allow time for this. I do not need to know what you expect from the session or if there is something wrong with you and where. Details are not needed as I do not guide the energies to a specific direction or outcome. I never make any diagnosis or give you health recommendation. I make no claims, promises or guarantees. I will remind you that you are solely responsible for your own medical care and treatments.
To start with you lie on a comfortable massage table with your shoes off. You do not need to remove anything but your shoes and remain fully clothed. So you can keep wearing any metal objects, watches, jewellery, crystals and leather, whatever you are comfortable with. These healing energies are intelligent and go through anything to wherever they need to go.
It is best not to wear any perfumes or fragrances because it is possible for other scents and aromas to appear during a session and you want to be sure to experience that.
Once you are lying down face-up, you will not be asked to turn over half way through, as with other techniques. You can relax uninterrupted for the whole session. Again the healing energy already knows where to go and needs no direction.
At no point during the session will I touch you. In fact some of the time I might even find myself at the far side of the room. You can open your eyes at any time if you wish to do so, although the recommendation is that you enjoy the experience fully and just remain aware, notice what you notice – and notice what you don’t notice…
Just close your eyes and let yourself drift without falling asleep. No meditation or prayers are necessary. I would suggest you just relax and be in a state of expectancy, as opposed to expectaction. Something will happen. Expect something but not anything specific. Your healing will take place in the manner most appropriate to you at this time of your life.
Dr Eric Pearl says: “If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you.”
Recognising that ‘healing’ means reconnection with the perfection of the Universe, we realize that the Universe knows what we need to receive…what we need may not always correspond with what we expect or think we want.” Attachment to a certain result can interfere and cut off the flow of what you would actually like to come through. In short, you get what you need, not necessarily what you want.
A session last approximately an hour in total, allowing for time to talk first, then about 30 minutes on the table, and more time afterwards to talk about your experiences. Each person’s experiences are different. I believe that healings always take place, regardless of what a person has experienced at the time and healings are also fairly instantaneous – what takes time is for the person to decide to accept them.
In fact the healing energies are initiated during your session and continue to work with you long after you have left my office. Sometimes you will recognize your healing immediately, or you will do so some time later.
One to three sessions are suggested. It is not necessary to have regular sessions or top ups.
If you would like any further information about Reconnective Healing® please do contact me. I shall be happy to answer your questions before you book any sessions with me.

Scientific Research into Reconnective Healing®

“The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself” is the story of how Dr. Pearl came across the reconnective frequencies. In this book he actual teaches his readers how to use them.

Dr Pearl was a successful chiropractor when his clients started reporting healings after seeing him. What was even more amazing were reports from these clients that people who had been around them also reported healings. In time Dr Pearl realised that this ability to use the reconnective frequencies can be taught and used by anyone. He says that anyone can achieve the same results he can.  All we have to do is to be childlike, play with the energy and remain in awe.  And the results can certainly be awesome.

Scientists all over the world have been studying what Reconnective Healing® practitioners do and the “how” is still not clear.  What is clear is that these frequencies are unique, real and can be measured. Dr Pearl has been working with a number of well known scientific researchers and members of the medical establishment to try to find out how Reconnective Healing achieves such great results.

Dr Schwartz PhD. at the University of Arizona has carried out several studies, as well as Dr Konstantin Korotkov PhD. in Russia and Dr William Tiller Phd. Plus many others researchers  at hospitals and universities worldwide.  “The conclusion of these experiments was that the energy was indeed real, detectable, measurable – and quite remarkable.” Professor Gary Schwartz

Professor Tiller calls it an entropy effect, he says that there is an exchange of information and  nature is restoring itself.  “There is something there and it is quite profound.  It is effective and it can heal all of us.” “It heals the space, it heals our world.”

Why Kids Are The Best Healers

When young children play they never stop and question like:- Which is the best thing to do? Which is the best toy? What does playing this way or that way mean? They just go with the flow.  They do what feels good and remain in awe. A little one sees everything through new eyes.  They enjoy playing without giving it meaning or filtering it through  a number of misrepresentations.  It’s all a wonder.

And that state of wonderment is a connection to a higher plane, a direct line to the Universe.

Likewise in a healing session those practitioners who remain childlike and retain the gift of being in awe of everything, will get themselves out of the equation and allow healings to take place. There is no need to diagnose, to explain, to force or direct the energies.  It just happens. 

As a Reconnective Healing® practitioner I am just a catalyst, a part of the healing equation, but not a “healer”.  You can only heal yourself, no-one else can do it for you. Instead of “doing” I just “am” and it is this state of being that allows the healings to arrive. My part is to be there for you as you heal yourself.

Dr. Eric Pearl has been teaching children how to use the Reconnective Healing® frequencies and shows that kids just get it straightaway.

This video was filmed at Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Agape International Spiritual Centre.