Scientific Research into Reconnective Healing®

“The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself” is the story of how Dr. Pearl came across the reconnective frequencies. In this book he actual teaches his readers how to use them.

Dr Pearl was a successful chiropractor when his clients started reporting healings after seeing him. What was even more amazing were reports from these clients that people who had been around them also reported healings. In time Dr Pearl realised that this ability to use the reconnective frequencies can be taught and used by anyone. He says that anyone can achieve the same results he can.  All we have to do is to be childlike, play with the energy and remain in awe.  And the results can certainly be awesome.

Scientists all over the world have been studying what Reconnective Healing® practitioners do and the “how” is still not clear.  What is clear is that these frequencies are unique, real and can be measured. Dr Pearl has been working with a number of well known scientific researchers and members of the medical establishment to try to find out how Reconnective Healing achieves such great results.

Dr Schwartz PhD. at the University of Arizona has carried out several studies, as well as Dr Konstantin Korotkov PhD. in Russia and Dr William Tiller Phd. Plus many others researchers  at hospitals and universities worldwide.  “The conclusion of these experiments was that the energy was indeed real, detectable, measurable – and quite remarkable.” Professor Gary Schwartz

Professor Tiller calls it an entropy effect, he says that there is an exchange of information and  nature is restoring itself.  “There is something there and it is quite profound.  It is effective and it can heal all of us.” “It heals the space, it heals our world.”