Spring Clean Your Life – How your stuff can affect your health

Spring is approaching, there is freshness in the air and the promise of new life is blossoming in every flower bud. It is at this time that most of us start thinking about spring cleaning and getting the cobwebs out of our house.  But what about the cobwebs in our life?  How much dust and clutter have we accumulated since the last spring clean?

Everything we own, everything we have around our house has a link to our own self – almost like a thin chain holding us down.  And if we have too many chains we feel we cannot move freely: we feel stuck.  Stuff has an effect on our wellbeing, both physical and emotional.  It actually affects our health!

There is a very simple thing we can do immediately to help us move along: clear our clutter at home. What do I mean by clutter?  Clutter is anything we do not use or love, anything unfinished or messy, or even just too many things in a small space.

So this Spring don’t just clean the place, give it a good clear out.  Start with your wardrobe and give to a charity shop all the clothes you haven’t worn for at least a year and the shoes that don’t really suit you.  Remove any items that are just taking up space in your new life.  You see, you need to create some space before new things can come to you.  Let go of the old and allow the new to come to you. Nature abhors a vacuum, so it will soon be replaced. Make sure you choose what you want that replacement to be. Keep in mind you are always in charge.

So after the wardrobe why not clear out your old books and correspondence or maybe tackle your kitchen drawers.  And remember to return all stuff that you borrowed.

The garage and the loft are usually big jobs – keep them last and start with the smallest room, or even with just one corner.  If you tackle too much too soon, you might be tempted to give up and end up doing nothing at all.  Start gently, one room at time. You will feel lighter and more energetic with each bit you clear out, ready for that promise of new life blossoming out there.

Go on, clear your clutter now and make room for your new life.


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