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What The Body Knows

For some time I had wanted to let go of some excess weight.   I already knew that deprivation diets didn’t work for me as I always regained lost weight.   So what would it take?    I kept asking over and over:   What would it take to get fitter and healthier?

Instead of attempting to beat my body into submission – which never worked – I had a chat with my body, treating it as my best friend.   (See earlier my post “Your Body As Your Buddy”).
I asked: ok body what would you like to look like?  I got pictures of petite, but shapely hourglass figures.  Hmmm, not what was showing in the mirror…  Great!  And how can achieve that?

One day last December I saw a comment a friend posted on Facebook just saying: “Tomorrow I’m starting the Whole30”.  That was it, no other info.   My body started jumping up and down with excitement, practically screaming in my head: “We are doing this, too!”.   So this conversation was kind of going on in my head:

Mind: “But what is it?”
Body: “Look it up. We are so doing this.”
Mind:   “Not another diet!”
Body:   “This is what I want. We are doing this NOW!”
Mind:   “All right. Fine. I’ll check it out.”

My body really wanted to do it, there was such a strong pull.  I read all the reviews, bought the book (It Starts With Food) and prepared to start in January, after the Christmas break of course.

30 days later I was feeling much more energetic, healthier and a whole stone lighter never having been hungry or deprived once. Wow! What did my body know that my mind didn’t? The conversation with my body continued and it let me know that it also wanted to move more.   Note, it was “move”, not “exercise”…. Pilates kept appearing in my awareness.   Did a search online and found class round the corner with a lovely trainer.

And six months later I am in better shape that I have been since my twenties.   My body is very happy and, not only is it maintaining the results but is still changing: same weight but slimmer and shapelier.   Amazing!

Our bodies are always talking to us, when we make the effort to listen to them.

What would happen if you started listening to what your body requires?
What could change for you?
What does your body require to have more ease and fun?

And if you are wondering what Whole30 is….. www.Whole30.com
ItStarts with Food


Your Body as your Buddy?

What if your body was your best friend?  What if your body was always meant to work in harmony with you and give you more awareness, beyond the five senses?

What would it be like to have a rewarding relationship with your body?

Could we talk to our bodies and listen to what they say to us, to develop a healthier and happier life?

So, truth , who likes their body just as it is? Not many of us, sadly. We are always judging and criticising our bodies. How often do we treat our body worse than a pet or a car?  Would anyone ever knowingly put diesel in a petrol car or vice-versa? No, we wouldn’t dream of it!  It runs much better on what it actually requires.  Yet, do we ever ask what our body requires before putting something in its mouth?  Or would we force-feed a pet with all our favourite foods (or starve them) regardless of what they need or desire?


Dr. Bruce Lipton in this book “Biology of Belief” scientifically proves that cells have intelligence.  Don’t our bodies keep us alive by breathing, beating our hearts, sending blood round all the organs, without any conscious effort on our part? Every cell of our body knows what to do and just gets on with its job without constant instructions, or we would not survive  Aren’t bodies amazing?

Every body is intelligent and has its own awareness. It is designed as a biofeedback system, beyond the 5 senses, the body gives us feedback as another sense. Have you ever said something “I feel it in my guts. Or, I have a sensation in my solar plexus”?  That’s an example of your body communicating with you.

Bodies communicate with energy not words, we do not usually get voices in our heads…!

So what would it take to start talking and listening to our own body. What if our Body could become our best Buddy and develop a life long friendship?

Bodies are made up of about 70% water.  Check out Dr. Masaro Emoto’s book “Memory of Water” where he graphically shows the effect that words have on living cells.

The way we treat our bodies and what we say to them actually affects the cells behaviour.  So, how nice are we being to them most of the time? How different would our bodies be if we talked to them and asked them to work in harmony with us, instead of fighting them or trying to control them?

Why not try, just occasionally, to ask your body what it would like to eat, what it would to wear, how it would like to move? And listen out. But don’t do it all the time, or your life might change too much…