After the distance healing I found the ability to push forward with some things that I´d been procrastinating about. This had become quite problematic, so I feel there´s more flow now and so I feel more relaxed.”
Louise, Spain

“What a fabulous day learning the Bars with Daniela; a warm, welcoming, humorous and extremely knowledgeable lady who was very happy to share her knowledge if it helped me, which it did bucket loads! I would thoroughly recommend Daniela’s courses, the Access Consciousness information is life changing especially if you enjoy learning what else is possible!”
Michelle, Kent

“I feel so different since Saturday. It’s hard to put it into words, but it is very exciting!”
“The journey home was pretty difficult, having to stand quite a bit of the way, and then the carriage filled up with noisy students and all shouting and laughing at the tops of their voices.  I just thought how nice it was that they were happy, and even when they nearly trampled me into the ground to get up the stairs I just mentally shrugged my shoulders.  I didn’t seem to have an opinion about any of it.  I did some clearing about taxi drivers on the way, as I’ve had some bad experiences, and – guess what?  –  I got a perfectly lovely one who wasn’t at all put out by the fact that it was a shortish fare. Hooray for Access ….”
ST, East Sussex

“Thank you so much for teaching a brilliant new skill we never knew we had…. I feel so much lighter and more accepting of myself now.
A truly wonderful enriching day,!
Else, Surrey

“Just to say thank you thank you thank you for the session last night. Absolutely amazing I woke up this morning feeling FINE. The terrible nausea has gone and I feel on top of the world.
Best therapy session I’ve EVER heard in terms of “instant results” and I have ben emailing and phoning everyone I know about it!!!!”
Anne, Surrey

“Thanks a lot for a truly inspirational class last Saturday! I have been practising on all the family!”
Sarah, Italy

“Having had a bars class with Daniela I can safely say she’s bloomin’ brilliant! Fun, phenomenal, and facilitates with a lot of ease…. would you like a quieter mind? Greater communion with your body? More ease with money, relationships, your work, your business, your life, the world, nature, your gifts, talents, and capacities, and anything else you desire to change? Pop over to Daniela’s  and have a Bars class…”
Alan, London

“Thank you for introducing me to Access Consciousness. Life got more alive since then!”
Martina, Surrey  

“Thank you so much for your hospitality at today’s Bars Class, and opening a new and exciting chapter in my life!    By the end of the day I certainly did look and feel better. I will be immersing myself in this and look forward to it all very much.”
Peter, Essex

“I attended the Access Energetic Facelift class with Daniela. Totally and utterly brilliant! She’s such an intuitive facilitator, and has a really warm personality such that I felt completely comfortable for the whole time I was there.
Since learning the body process, my body absolutely LOVES it! My skin has taken on a whole new glow, and also appears (and feels to the touch…) much firmer. I’m finding I’m standing up straighter with more ease, and requiring less sleep. I ran the body process on myself on Sunday and this morning… and it feels brilliant.
I cannot recommend Daniela highly enough.”
Alun, London

“I took the Access Bars class last weekend and now I’ve lost my vertigo, I looked down a deep manhole today and didn’t see a problem. I lowered myself down and worked at the bottom and climbed back out. It was only about an hour later that I realized what I had done. There is no way I would have done that before, I wasn’t even able to look down it without feeling sick. Awesome! How does it get any better than that?”
Lawrence, Horsham

“Not just a face lift it feels more like a persona lift, OMG what  will I be like after 20 sessions?”
Susan, Peterborough – after Energetic Facelift class

“Doing my Access Consciousness Bars training with Daniela was a delight. I felt energy shift within myself and those I worked with, and found the whole experience enjoyable and valuable.”
Stuart, Surrey

“I am already a Bars Facilitator and attended Daniela’s class to get inspired to run my own Bars classes…
Daniela’s class was so informative, fun, easy and a real joy to be in.
She made teaching the Bars so easy and following energy so natural.
WOW! How did I get so lucky? Being in her class was inspiring and empowering! What would it take for you to learn the Bars with Daniela?”
Vivienne, Kent

“My skin feels softer and my face (& ‘self’) feels brighter and when I look in the mirror I definitely look younger – I thought about 10 years!!
I certainly feel changes since last week, and may well be still processing. It would seem as though The Bars class has opened things up and the Energetic Facelift has added clarity and energy. I’m finding it easier to get things done whilst being relaxed and calm.”
Janet, Peterborough

 Thank you for the Bars class, Daniela, yes I did enjoy the day and found it very beneficial.  Whilst unable to tell you exactly what I feel, I know that I do feel different in a very good way, somehow lighter and more peaceful and if I think about it … more me.”
Carol, Sussex

“Fantastic day learning how to run Access Consciousness Bars with Daniela. All I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow! Don’t think I’ve felt this relaxed in a very long time and totally stress free.”
Germaine, Hampshire

“After one Energetic Facelift the redness and scarring seems not so dark, it is paler than it was.  The small lines are definitely less around my mouth, a result I’m happy about!”
Tracey, London

“I got a lot from the Bars Class – I felt a great deal both gifting and receiving the Bars and felt positive benefits afterwards.  Daniela explained the head positions very clearly and we had ample opportunity to practise and ask questions. She also gave us some useful tips. I would recommend Daniela’s class to anyone considering learning the Bars.”
Christina, Bedforshire

“Well worth attending this course (Access Consciousness Bars class).  I had a day’s training today with Daniela.  It was fun, informative, I learnt so much and Daniela has a wonderful warmth.  She explains and demonstrates what is needed and I thoroughly recommend her training.”
Carole, Surrey

“The Access Consciousness Bars class was just perfect for me, small, personal and with individual attention. Very enjoyable.”
Nila, West Sussex

“I have found Reconnective Healing to be incredibly powerful, and Daniela is a wonderful practitioner.  The healing has helped me enormously in the recovery form injuries due to an accident many years ago.  Already in the first session I felt changes in patterns that my body had held for a long time. It is working with muscles, nerves, bones… Amazing!”
Camilla, London

“A day after the healing session I felt as though something in me had changed.  Can’t seem to put into words but I seem more connected to/or I am more aware of my heart!  I feel physically and mentally stronger.  Amazing. Thank-you!
Sheila, East Sussex

“The thing that was bothering me was a lump in a lymph gland that has now gone completely and the dull ache that accompanied it has also gone.
I did not mention this to you prior to the session.  When performing with my band later I noticed that the discomfort I had experienced, and the lump, were no longer there.  I waited until another week had gone by to see if it was truly gone and indeed that was the case. ”
Steve, Horsham

“After the Healing session, I had a lot more energy and felt refreshed generally.  Indeed someone asked me if I had been on holiday!  So rather than two weeks on the beach people should book a session with you.  Think of it: none of that hanging round airports!  And my sinuses have become much clearer.”
Sue, West Sussex

“I went to see Daniela for a Healing session a few weeks ago. Half an hour on her table has had the most profound effect on my life. It’s definitely not healing in the traditional sense, it is so much more than that. My outlook on life has changed dramatically. My attitudes have changed and my relationships have improved significantly. I am much happier which has an impact on my health and I view myself in a different light. I have an increased respect for everything and am eternally gratefully to Daniela for her gift of reconnecting and healing.”
Daniella, London

“I have found with the Reconnection my psychic abilities have increased considerably, to the point where quite often I will be with a client using hypnosis, and will experience a ‘knowing’ of what to say, and how to say it to get the best results for the client.
When I went through The Reconnection with Daniela, I found myself travelling through space, and the same effect as was felt with a healing, I saw wonderful colours, and ghostly images of a human and animals, yet my mind was blank, I was not thinking about anything it was almost like being in meditation.
I would recommend Daniela for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection as she is naturally intuitive, a wonderfully calm person and has the ability to help create physical, emotional and spiritual changes, in a thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable way.”
Karen Bashford www.karenbashford.co.uk

“I really enjoyed my distance healing with Daniela, we negotiated a time and I felt sensations in my body as if she was there, my left arm and left side of my face in particular. It is always the left side of my body if I have any ailments, amazing that I would feel it there without Daniela knowing anything about me. I felt relaxed afterwards. Daniela has a lovely warm manner and would recommend distance healing as an option”.
Dave, Staffordshire

“I worked with Daniela on my fear of flying. One session by telephone and for the first time in ages I managed to fly without the aid of drink or pills.”
Vicki, London

“After only one session with Daniela I got rid of the negative voice in my head and massively increased my confidence and self-esteem. I lost 2 stone in weight and am now happy to go out in sleeveless tops which I had not been able to do in a long time.”
Yasmin, Surrey

Before my NLP sessions I would become angry and upset in many situations. My temper was incredibly quick and I could get into a rage instantly. Since the NLP I have not had one road rage incident – these were a daily occurence. Stressful situations I deal with in a completely different manner – I remain calm, problem solve and am far more positive. The NLP has reprogrammed me and given me tools to use if I become stressed (which is very rare these days).
Michelle, London

“Daniela did some work with me a few weeks ago. She was extremely professional and really helped me gain clarity into areas of my life that needed some attention. Her background as a coach allows for a very practical intervention as well as being very good at the magic of NLP. I would recommend Daniela very highly and will definitely call on her again in a crisis. A brilliant and warm person with an amazing energy. Thank you for all your help.”
Danielle, Kent

“My sessions with Daniela were life-enhancing. She has the ability to get right to the core of a worry or situation and make you see the world around you with new eyes. The coaching empowered me to feel more in control of my own life, through an altered state of mind and attitude. Daniela is incredibly kind, sensitive and supportive, with a very good sense of humour and endless ideas and resources to keep you on the right track. I will never forget this experience. My life has dramatically changed for the better. Thank you Daniela!

Clara Hutchinson, Holistic Therapist & Writer www.claratherapies.com

“My sessions with Daniela, have been invaluable and have given me the opportunity to explore the potential I always knew I had, but had forgotten. She has guided me throughout the whole process, but I had to do the work, but with great personal rewards, as I feel stronger and more in control to achieve my goals. I am truly appreciative of Daniela’s patience and understanding. She has truly inspired me and boosted my self-confidence.”
Jean Cassells, complementary therapist

“Thank you very much. I came to you with weight issues and have resolved several other issues. My singing has improved, and find my breathing much easier. I do not procrastinate as much, if at all, even when dealing with unpleasant and stressful tasks. I have far far less headaches and I feel more body confident and I really like what I see in the mirror. I am now wearing clothes that previously I wouldn’t have worn and I like my new style…”
Sharron, Crawley