The Power of Questions

I am always amazed at the power of running Bars and asking questions, even in extreme situations.

A year ago a client suffered a sudden stroke which immobilised most of the right side of her body. The doctor’s told her it would a slow recovery but she did not accept that.

I visited her in hospital, run her Bars and asked her a lot of questions. What would she like to change? What would her body like to change?  What else was possible with facilitating a change in the current situation?

What would it take for a major improvement to allow her to be discharged and go home to her cats?  What would it be like to be able to stroke her cat as if she was with her now on the hospital bed?

And, yes, her hand started a stroking movement, slowly at first and then very firm and unmistakeable. Then we asked how else would the hand like to move?  What would it like to do?
The right hand was moving fairly freely within a week of the stroke, and so was the right leg and everything else started getting back towards normal functioning.

Once home she fast regained her previous abilities, with the help of her fabulous feline healers of course.  Oh, and regular Bars sessions!

What else is possible?