What Happens during a Healing session?

Artwork by Alexandra Shkrumelyak
That’s a question I am often asked . So here is an overview of what happens when you arrive for a session.
First we talk about what the healing frequencies are, and they can do.
You are invited to ask any questions to ensure you are at ease. I feel it is important to allow time for this. I do not need to know what you expect from the session or if there is something wrong with you and where. Details are not needed as I do not guide the energies to a specific direction or outcome. I never make any diagnosis or give you health recommendation. I make no claims, promises or guarantees. I will remind you that you are solely responsible for your own medical care and treatments.
To start with you lie on a comfortable massage table with your shoes off. You do not need to remove anything but your shoes and remain fully clothed. So you can keep wearing any metal objects, watches, jewellery, crystals and leather, whatever you are comfortable with. These healing energies are intelligent and go through anything to wherever they need to go.
It is best not to wear any perfumes or fragrances because it is possible for other scents and aromas to appear during a session and you want to be sure to experience that.
Once you are lying down face-up, you will not be asked to turn over half way through, as with other techniques. You can relax uninterrupted for the whole session. Again the healing energy already knows where to go and needs no direction.
At no point during the session will I touch you. In fact some of the time I might even find myself at the far side of the room. You can open your eyes at any time if you wish to do so, although the recommendation is that you enjoy the experience fully and just remain aware, notice what you notice – and notice what you don’t notice…
Just close your eyes and let yourself drift without falling asleep. No meditation or prayers are necessary. I would suggest you just relax and be in a state of expectancy, as opposed to expectaction. Something will happen. Expect something but not anything specific. Your healing will take place in the manner most appropriate to you at this time of your life.
Dr Eric Pearl says: “If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you.”
Recognising that ‘healing’ means reconnection with the perfection of the Universe, we realize that the Universe knows what we need to receive…what we need may not always correspond with what we expect or think we want.” Attachment to a certain result can interfere and cut off the flow of what you would actually like to come through. In short, you get what you need, not necessarily what you want.
A session last approximately an hour in total, allowing for time to talk first, then about 30 minutes on the table, and more time afterwards to talk about your experiences. Each person’s experiences are different. I believe that healings always take place, regardless of what a person has experienced at the time and healings are also fairly instantaneous – what takes time is for the person to decide to accept them.
In fact the healing energies are initiated during your session and continue to work with you long after you have left my office. Sometimes you will recognize your healing immediately, or you will do so some time later.
One to three sessions are suggested. It is not necessary to have regular sessions or top ups.
If you would like any further information about Reconnective Healing® please do contact me. I shall be happy to answer your questions before you book any sessions with me.