What is “Healing”?

What comes to mind when you think of “healing”?
It is such loaded word!  Most people think they need to have some awful sounding condition before seeking treatment.

But what if we stretch the concept of healing to include any improvement in our current condition, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual?
After all we are the best experts on ourselves, we know when something can and needs be improved in our lives. In fact we all have responsibility for our own health, the ability to respond and the ability to help ourselves.

And if things are going just about fine in our life, should we not aim to be better and even the best we can?
Healing is about so much more than just the elimination of disease!  It is better health, improved lifestyle, more prosperity, becoming more of what you are, enhancing your very essence. It’s like upgrading our software – remember The Matrix?

I agree with Dr Pearl when he says: “We are stepping into the next level of our human evolution, remembering who we are at the deepest level, not on the ego-driven level.”

The frequencies of Reconnective Healing® can act as a reminder our own natural vibrations bringing us back in touch with who we really are.

We truly can upgrade our lives.

The Reconnection

One thought on “What is “Healing”?”

  1. I like this comment that was left on my facebook post:
    “Any form of letting go of negative conditioning is ‘healing’ letting go of limiting beliefs, integrating conflicting parts, moving from thinking into feeling, clearing the windscreen of our soul to enable us to get a vision and taste of the… Magnificent potential and tremendous choices we have! ‘Burning’ away our accumulated impurities to know our own greatness…to stand out of our own way to overcome our life threatening chemical addictions…all of this is healing…to set our heart, unconscious, imagination, soul FREE! “

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